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The flat at Crystal Palace Apartments, Crystal Palace Apartment, Bath (Photo courtesy of the property)
The flat at Crystal Palace Apartments, Crystal Palace Apartment, Bath

Rental flats and short-term tourist lets of apartments in Bath can offer substantial savings, especially for four or more

An apartment is called a flat in Britain, and if you want more privacy, more space, or simply to play house during your Bath sojourn, you can call one home for often surprisingly low rates.

Contrary to popular misconception, apartments are often available for as short a period as a single night—though many do require a 2-night or 3-night minimum stay.

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How much does a Bath rental flat cost?

Prices can vary wildly, but you can get an apartment for as little as £60 per night—not kidding. 

That said, the average cost is more around £80 to £220 for a studio or one-bedroom—still a better bargain than hotels, plus you get your own kitchen and a homier feel. (There is also often a token cleaning fee of £10 to £45.)

What kind of apartments are there in Bath?

Many short-term flats are "serviced" to some degree (a maid will clean so many times a week); others are "unserviced" ("Here are the keys. Lock up when you leave."). 

Some are one or two apartments to rent by a private owner. Some are the apartments of local folks who're on vacation themselves or who live elsewhere for long periods; many are permanent short-let flats owned by absentee landlords and rented via agencies.

Others are small rental firms that represent several flats—in one building, around a neighborhood, or across all of Bath.

Still others are Aparthotels or Residence hotels—more like an all-suite hotel of efficiencies and studios, each with a kitchenette. Residences are a kind of hybrid of an apartment and a proper hotel, often offering some degree of maid service and a front desk offering concierge-like services (and sometimes amenitied to the teeth with business centers, health spas, and the like)—but still a terrific savings over a hotel.

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