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Some U.K. deals at Travelzoo (Photo courtesy of Travelzoo)
Some U.K. deals at Travelzoo

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Nothing scares an airline more than a half-empty plane, and they'll fill those remaining seats at the last minute no matter how slim the profit.

This is the only place in the travel industry where you can still reliably find those mythical "last-minute bargains"—which far too many people assume still exist in abundance, when in fact the airlines have gotten a lot better about matching their supply of seats to the demand there will be for them.

When, however, there still is an imbalance—too many seats, too few takers—the airlines send out last-minute "e-saver" emails.

Just about every airline, plus the major booking engines (Expedia, TravelocityHotwire, etc.), will let you sign up for its own e-saver.

These are weekly emails—or a blog, app, Twitter feed, or text alerts—that offer you great deals for getaways, usually for the coming weekend (domestic) or week (international).

They're also frequently used to announce longer-range or system-wide sales of the "Spring sale on now!" variety, with a wider window of flying opportunity.

Here are some other, non-airline deals newsletters:

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