Camden Markets ☆☆

Camden Market (Photo By Ben W)
Camden Market
Camden Market, Camden Markets, London (Photo By Ben W)
The Camden Market, Camden Markets, London (Photo By Robert Lamb)
Stalls at the Stables Market, Camden Markets, London (Photo by Herry Lawford)
The Stables Market, Camden Markets, London (Photo by Sam Chills)

The largest collection of markets in Greater London

The best bit-of-everything agoloerations of flea markets and crafsts stall comes along with a thriving restaurant and nightlife scene (many original punk rockers played in the old factories here).

If you can't find something at the 1,000 stalls, shops, and restaurants here, it probably doesn't exist in the U.K.

There are actually several neighboring markets: the primary Camden Lock Market (more than 100 stalls), the Stables Market (with lots of cool old railway tunnels now hosting stalls), Buck Street Market (the one with the green sign that says "The Camden Market"), and the Electric Ballroom (a 1950s-era nightclub that also acts as an indoor market on weekend days—mostly music and film).

The old canalside Canal Market—known since 2008 as Camden Lock Village—is being redeveloped as Hawley Wharf. 

The markets are open daily, though best on the weekends.

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