Sherlock Holmes in London ☆☆

The Sherlock Holmes statue on Marylebone Street (Photo by givingnot)
The Sherlock Holmes statue on Marylebone Street

From the Sherlock Holmes Museum (a mock-up of Holmes's and Watson's rooms at 221b Baker Street in an actual Victorian-era boarding house on Baker Street) to Holmesian tours of the London streets

Beyond making the pilgrimage to 22b Baker Street—or, rather, the Victorian-era boarding house that was turned into a Sherlock Holmes Museum  then retroactively granted that famous address)—Holmesians will want to join fellow deductive reasoners and an expert guide to follow in Holmes's and Watson's footsteps across London. (Deerstalkers and pipes optional.)

The lovely thing about such a venerable London icon as consulting detective Holmes around for about 130 years is that the city is positively bursting with Holmes-associated sights, both from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic original stories and from the many and various filmed versions—notably anything from the contemporary re-imagining of the characters in the brilliant BBC series starring the inimitable Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman as his stalwart companion, Dr. James Watson.

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