La Porchetta Pollo Bar ☆☆

Pizza margherita (Photo by Kazuya T.)
Pizza margherita
Pizza margherita, Pollo, London (Photo by Kazuya T.)
The dining room, Pollo, London (Photo by Vivi B.)
Penne arrabbiata, Pollo, London (Photo by Johanna G.)
Lasagne, Pollo, London (Photo by Eduardo)
Tortelloni Aurora, Pollo, London (Photo by Gregory W.)
Tagliatelle alla carbonana, Pollo, London (Photo by Chayololita)
Tossing a pizza, Pollo, London (Photo by Nur-eee)

A cheap Italian standby in SoHo

London's Italian restaurants tend to be either hyper-expensive or dime-a-dozen bland, but Pollo—sometimes called by its newer, full name: La Porchetta Pollo Bar—is a Soho legend for laughably cheap, enormous portions of Italian home-cooking in a convivial, crowded, no-frills atmosphere.

No, it is not a place for a special meal—but it is a good place in London to find a filling and inexpensive meal.

Most pizzas and pasta dishes run just £5.50–£8.

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