Be a pig at breakfast

 (Photo by Nate BW)

If you cannot avoid the breakfast charge, make the most of it

I've said it before and I'll say it again: if the hotel won't let you weasel out of the blatantly overpriced hotel breakfast, make the most of it.

Stuff yourself to the gills.

Take seconds.

Heck, take thirds.

Then, when no one's looking, wrap some extra rolls and things in a napkin and slip them into your daypack so you can have a light midday snack later. (Hey: they deserve it for overcharging you.) 

These pilfered snacks, plus your morning feast, will probably enable you to skip lunch.

Turn an attempt to gouge you into a money-saving opportunity. (Hoteliers hate it when I give this advice. I hate it when they think they can charge me $10 extra for a croissant and coffee.)

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