Eat your way to savings

Tips to save money on dining in Britain and eat better for it

I love to eat while traveling, and though I keep as much of an eye on my collective restaurant bill as I do any other travel expense, I do not view mealtimes (or snack times) as a time to skimp.

I refuse on principal to save money at the expense of cheating myself from a truly transcendent culinary or cultural experience. 

See, sampling the local cuisine is every bit as important as taking in the art, sights, and history if you want to learn something of the culture you're visiting.

Yeah. That's it. Just keep telling yourself you're "exploring the local culture" as you lift another creamy spoonful of tiramisu to your mouth and silently promise to put in overtime at the gym when you get home. 

That said, here are some ways to keep that restaurant bill from blowing your entire budget.

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