Look before you tip

 (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

Do not leave 15% when the gratuity is already included

Don't double-tip by accident!

If the menu has a line near the top of bottom of the page that includes a word that looks vaguely like "service" or "gratuity" or any other synonym with a figure or percentage after it, that means the tip is automatically included in the price.

Heck, even if the menu doesn't say it, ask "Is service included?" (The local variant on that word—"service"—is what's used in most of Europe; don't bother using the word "tip," and for God's sake, don't get snotty and call it a "gratuity.") 

Don't be stingy about tipping, though. If il servizio is, indeed, already included but the service was particularly good, it's customary to round up the bill or leave about £1 per person extra—just to show you noticed and that you appreciated the effort.

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