Emergency numbers

For emergencies in the U.K., dial 999 (Photo )
For emergencies in the U.K., dial 999

Emergency numbers for police, fire, and other safety issues in the U.K.

Dial tel. 999 (or 112) to call the police, report a fire, or call for an ambulance anywhere in the U.K.

(To call the police in a non-emergency, dial tel. 101)

For roadside assistance from the British AA (not free to non-members, but handy), dial tel. 0800-88-77-66.

Why two emergency numbers?

999 has been Britain's main emergency response number since 1937.

In 1995, they also added 112, which has become the standard emergency number across Europe.

Whichever number you dial, however, all calls get routed to the same emergency response system.