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A Tardis (er, "police box") at Earl's Court (Photo by Jamie McCaffrey)
A Tardis (er, "police box") at Earl's Court

Tour London in search of the TARDIS (and filming locations) with fellow Whovians and an expert guide

Join a walking tour of London accompanied by a trivia-filled expert guide and fellow Whovians with whom you can good-naturedly argue about who was the best Doctor (Tennant).

Keep a lookout for the TARDIS while you pose at various filming sights featured in the venerable, indestructible BBC series.

Tours tend to focus mainly on the rebooted series (Ninth to Twelfth Doctors), since a great deal of all earlier series was simply filmed on sound stages (and, frankly, much of the current one is filmed in and around Cardiff—plus, whenever they are on present-day Earth, the Doctor and his companion du moment seem to visit far more peripheral housing estates than downtown buildings, but still...).  

From the steps of St. Paul's, down which Cybermen marched to invade (in 1968 and again in 2014), to the Thames Barrier, in which the arachnoid Empress of Racnoss had her lair, to the London Eye, used as a transmitter by the Nestene Consciousness in "Rose" (the 2005 episode that rebooted the series—but you already knew that), to 10 Downing Street, where the Master ruled Britain in the guise of Harold Saxon, London has plenty of spots where the Doctor saved the day.

(Sadly, the public cannot gain access to UNIT's Black Archive under the Tower of London, nor the special collections in a sub-basement of the National Gallery where a curator bearing a strong resemblance to the actor Tom Baker watches over some noted Time Lord art.)

Taking a tour is the best way to see all the hidden Whovian bits of London, but if you are even a moderate fan and just want the thrill of spotting a TARDIS, I hear to Doctor is fond of parking his on Earls Court Road just outside Earl's Court Station (on the Piccadilly and District lines). 

(And about that Tennant quip above: Nothing against the excellent Smith or Pertwee—and I still think all Doctors should wear comically overlong scarves, but that just because my Doctor growing up was Tom Baker, who runs a close second to Tennant.)

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