London by bike

"Boris Bikes" public short-term bike rentals in London (Photo by Les Haines)
"Boris Bikes" public short-term bike rentals in London

How to rent a bicycle in London

London is not the best biking city, especially for most foreign visitors because it is so difficult (and therefore dangerous) for people from right-drive cultures to get the hang of left-drive streets.

Years of experience leave you unconsciously glancing the wrong way every time and constantly expecting traffic to come from the opposite direction than it actually does.

Still, a bike can be a lovely way to explore London's vast urban parks and outer neighborhoods, where the traffic isn't as intense.

You can take bike tours, or simply rent a bike and go it on your own (links are below)—from all-day rentals from private shops, or short term using the city-run bike hire scheme (often referred to as "Boris Bikes" after the flamboyant ex-mayor who championed the program).

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