Hotel alternatives in the U.K.

Alternative accommodations in England (Photo collage by Reid Bramblett; TOP ROW: courtesy of, courtesy of Star Castle Hotel, courtesy of The Thatched Farm B&B, courtesy of Toghill House Farm; BOTTOM ROW: courtesy of WWOOF UK, courtesy of, courtesy of LSE Passfield Ha)
Alternative accommodations in England

There are dozens of hotel alternatives, from London flats to country cottages, farmhouse B&Bs to university dorms, rental rooms to residences, and campgrounds to castles. Here's how to find the lot of them.

This is one of my favorite little-known tips for European travel. Not only are non-hotel lodging options usually cheaper than hotels, they also usually offer a far more interesting experience, a chance to get closer to the local people and culture. There are even ways to sleep for free.

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